Monday, March 17, 2008


So-this was a doozy of a weekend, but they all are like that lately. Friday, I worked at school and then went to work at McGuires. We were busy. And we were busy for hours. I did, however, make more money than I've ever made working in one night. It's almost vulgar. So, I left at 3, and went home. Some friends came over and stayed till 5. Now, this is of course insane for a woman who is used to getting up at 6, but something happens to me when I work 2 shifts-I lose any desire to eat or sleep.

Saturday, I slept till 3. Yes, 3. As in, the time that I'm normally done with work. I would be embarassed, but I feel like I earned it. Thad, Jon's brother came down from Asheville, and we spent what was left of the day hanging out with him. Karaoke was fine. Not wonderful, but I only had to sing 3 songs, so I can't complain. Left there at 1:30. Slept soundly.

Sunday we had lunch with Jon's folks and Thad. That was nice. Except I ordered oyster stew. Now, I make a mean oyster stew-oysters, cream, butter, salt, pepper. It's very simple. And really really yummy. But the oyster stew at the was hot milk, with nothing else added except for 4 oysters. And they wanted me to eat it, and pay $4. That is not stew! That was simply milk and oysters. Gross. Then, I went to see Godspell, at Hickory Community Theatre and went to Target to get living supplies. Then, as I was driving home, I saw my friend Herb. We went and picked up our friend Joe and had an impromptu cookout. It was awesome. Allison let me make her a grocery list and she went to the store, then we cooked it together. MMM. BBQ chicken, the best baked potatoes I've had in a good long while, corn on the cob and STAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!! It was very fun. Then, we watched No Country for Old Men. It was a really lovely Sunday.

Mom-I saw this morning that you called last night. I have to work at McGuires tonight, and since it's the only Irish place in town, it's going to be packed, and I probably can't call you back till tomorrow. I will try, though, this afternoon.

Speaking of McGuires, if you live in Hickory, come see me tonight!

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