Tuesday, March 18, 2008

last night

Last night was terrible, miserable, horrible, so bad that I've been considering quitting that place all together today. I don't feel like getting into it now, but let me say this-there are 2 entrances to the bar...one is in the restaurant part, where there were no less than 5 people blocking it all night. The other is in the back, where they spent 2 hours fixing the ice maker, making it impossible to use. There were 4 people working, where a busy Friday only has 2. Katie, the owner was there all night, with her husband, in the back. When owners aren't usually around, and then they are when you're busy...that achieves nothing except making everyone nervous. Have I ever mentioned how much crowds make me nervous? If I'm in charge of the crowd, fine...but me walking around in a crowd of people is never good. I stayed seconds from a panic attack the entire night. I literally could not take 2 steps without having to yell "excuse me". It was the worst night that I can remember right now.

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Jenelle said...

Oh I'm so sorry! And I meant to ask you today about last night and then talked to Laura and got distracted. Hope you are feeling better now! XOXO