Sunday, March 09, 2008


I did not have a good night Saturday. First, some idiot left a nasty note in one of my books, and it hurt my feelings. Then, some random guy no one new came in and sat near my table. I kept my eye on him, because he was sending off sketchy vibes. I did not, however, keep a close enough eye. When my back was turned, he unhooked my ipod from my karaoke equipment, stuck it in his pocket and left. Not fun. I called the police, because I knew his name and where he said he was going-he left an acquaintance at the bar. No luck, though. His acquaintance said he was a homeless crack head-isn't that nice? So, it's probably already been traded for a rock. I have a really good support system. I have great friends, and I feel like the people at McGuires were awesome about the whole thing. What really stinks is that I feel violated-unsafe, I guess. I haven't felt that way here before. I'll be more careful in the future.

Now, Friday I got my new awesome portable speaker for my ipod. And Saturday the ipod was stolen. Isn't that nice? The good news is, I decided that an ipod is necessary to be able to carry the same music to my classroom, karaoke, trivia, and my living room. So I got another. And it holds 80 GB-that's so much! It also shows the album art every time you play a song. So so very cool.

Today has been much better-we haven't done much. We slept very late, and bought the new ipod. Then we had dinner with Matt-BBQ chicken on the grill, corn, salad, and green beans with almonds.

Tonight is the season finale of Breaking Bad, which is riveting. I'm so excited, but a little sad that it will be over.

Speaking of shows being over-Six Feet Under left me feeling very satisfied.

On a final note, if you ever see a homeless crackhead in down town Hickory with dread locks, and he answers to the name of Aaron-he probably has an ipod he could sell you.

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