Thursday, March 06, 2008

Still irritated

As I've been going through my day, I've been getting increasingly irritated about the situation I mentioned earlier. I won't be giving any details-I'm not even going to say where I was. But, I can't believe that someone would have the nerve to scold for talking, in a restaurant. It wasn't even said to me...just about me and my friends. But I think this-we're grown ups. If you've got a problem, if my talking is bothering you, then you should probably mention it instead of being rude about it later. I'm madder now than I was when this happened. Now that I've had time to digest it, it's under my skin a lot more.

One thing that I wish people would matter what you're hosting or performing in a restaurant or club, the point is to get people in the door. People who will spend money and leave tips and have a good time and tell their friends. Anything that is a break down in that system is a problem, right? Had my table of "talkers" not been in the restaurant, there would have been perhaps 10 people there, and most of them played. So, I feel like these priorities are all out of wack. As a paying customer, I should be treated nicely, and not be made to feel guilty for talking. Really, is what they want for us to go and sit in silence and listen to people play their own songs? I'd rather stay home if that's the case. I mean, if something is excellent, I'll shut up and listen, but it is my right to talk. And I teach audience etiquette as part of my curriculum at school. I understand the whole not talking thing. But the venue is a large part of the a restaurant, where I come to eat, silence isn't an expectation. At a theatre or concert, perhaps it is. But then, I bought a ticket specifically to see and hear people, and I know what I'm in for. It's just different, and I want to throw a whip cream pie in someones face over this.

The other thing that irritates me...I host trivia and karaoke. I teach school all day. People are ALL THE TIME talking over me. I've learned a couple things about this. First, if I'm being interesting enough, they don't talk. So maybe this person could have been more interesting. Second, it's not personal. People have brains and they want to talk and share what their brains are thinking. It's not an insult to me personally if people talk. But you can't be a jerk about it. You just can't. That's a breakdown of that whole system I was talking about. Get people in the door-they spend money-they tip-they have fun-they leave and come back with their friends. I can't imagine that I'll want to go back on a Wednesday night to this place. So, there goes revenue from me, and the friends that were with me. We'll go spend our cash somewhere else, and I wish that the whole thing wouldn't have happened.

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