Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been feeling very uninspired and boring this week. My energy is down, and I'm not even thinking thoughts that amuse myself. Some thoughts from today:

"Gee, my room stinks." For some reason, my classroom smelled like poop until about noon. I looked, and I couldn't find poop anywhere. Then, it stopped. Thank God.

"These kids come from a different world than I'm from." In one of my classes today, instead of a question of the day, I told them they could tell me anything they wanted. One of the oddest was "My favorite thing to do is watch chicken fights." ?????!!!??????? That's one of his favorite things? The class was all "Woah, dude...that's illegal." So, then he backtracked and tried to say that he really just liked to watch when his chickens get in fights on their own. Right. And Michael Vic just likes to go to the dog park and stir up some trouble.

"Spring Break sure is coming fast." Doesn't need much explanation, I think. Starts next Friday!!!

"These kids are lazy lazy lazy". I do these warmups-I've talked about them here before. But I do 7 a day, and yes, they are intense. But if I can do them 7 times, these kids can do them once. And the rule is that if you can't do what I'm doing, you still have to do something. And there are always 1 or 2 in a class who stop moving every time my eyes move away from them. It pisses me off. Mostly, though, the kids love the warm ups, and so I will keep them. I love them too, because I'm finally getting enough exercise.

"Nothing is as peaceful as a box of sharpened pencils." I can't explain this one. I just love a box of sharpened pencils. Makes me feel like all is good with the world. But they have to be really sharp for me to get that feeling. And, they all have to have erasers. I'm weird, I know.

"I want to go back to bed." It wasn't that I wasn't having fun here. My bed is just always better, you know? This thought occurred less and less frequently, as the day wore on and my coffee consumption rose higher and higher.

I need some of my spunk back!!! Spring Break will certainly help a lot. I plan on sleeping till noon every single day. Won't that be blissful?

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