Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dark Side of Oz

I love Wizard of Oz. It's in my top 10, and I've seen it probably more than any other movie.

I love Dark Side of the Moon. Heck-I love Pink Floyd, and this album is my favorite.

So, Joe told me that last night they were playing the two at the community theatre (one of my favorite places!) at midnight last night. That's worth clearing a schedule for!

I watched them together a long time ago in a friend's living room, and I've seen a few minutes of it at the theatre before, but never has the coolness struck me like it did last night.

It was completely worth the $5. I've never watched the whole of the movie on a big screen, and it was beautiful. I saw details that I've never seen. And I've seen the movie so many times that I didn't need the words to know what's going on. But it worked so well. I can't for one moment imagine that Pink Floyd didn't do it on purpose, no matter what they say.

The most beautiful scene was when the tornado is touching down. Imagine what you're about to see playing in a beautiful theatre, with great speakers pumping out the song. It was incredible.


Allison said...

This really really makes me wish youtube wasn't blocked at work.

Carmen Eckard said...

try this.

just fast forward to the tornado touching down.