Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm considering a major change

So, I'm considering a major change, but only where my hair is concerned. The thing is, if my hair is long enough to wear in a pony tail, I will. I can't fight it. I have no self control. So, in order for my hair not to look like crap, it has to be short enough that I can't keep it pulled back. I was waiting till I wasn't so fat, so it didn't make my face look like a sausage. I'm not fat now, I think I may do it. I need your help. I'm posting 3 styles I like. What do you think? Please, even if you've never commented before, give me a little help here! Pretty please.

If you know another style, send me a link to a picture!

Please note, my hair is this curly:


Allison said...

My vote is to keep it long and get rid of your ponytail holders. But if you must have it short, go with the 3rd style.

Carmen said...

i've tried to just throw out the ponytail holders. but then i just sneak in your house and steal one of yours, or i tie my hair in a knot. this is one thing i just really can't control myself with. nothing gets on my nerves more than hair on the back of my neck. except maybe hair falling down in my face, and blowing all around if it's windy. i just can't stand it!