Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nana-Banana: Don't read this one

I've admitted once on this blog that I smoke cigarettes, and it had unfortunate consequences. Since I've already spilled the beans, I'll go ahead and talk about what is on my mind.

I think it is very mean of the Federal government to increase the tobacco tax as much as they are. Let me elaborate.

People who smoke cigarettes are addicted. It is a nasty, unfortunate and stupid habit. But it is severely addictive, even more so than heroin or morphine, and have you ever seen those people trying to quit?

I know it is stupid that I smoke. I can cause cancer, wrinkle my face, my clothes stink and stain my teeth. It also makes my wonderful husband think I stink. But I just can't help myself. And there are millions of people like me all over the country.

Lots of those millions have lost their least 10%, so hundreds of thousands of these smokers are now unemployed and heavily addicted. They're also probably very depressed and anxious and moody...not a good spring board for quitting the tobacco.

So our government sweeps in with an ENORMOUS tax increase to smokers. On those things that they need. Every day. Whether they cost $5 a day or not. $35 a week. $140 a month. $1820 a year. Awesome.

Now me myself...some time ago, I'd say 6 months or so, I switched to American Spirit roll-your-own tobacco. I figure I'd rather spend $11.99 a month on pure tobacco than a lot more on some tobacco with a thousand additives. This worked nicely for a long time. Well, if you think the per pack increase was bad, look at what's happening today to my roll-your-own: They are adding a $25 PER POUND tax. This is an increase of 2,000% in the previous tax. This will make my $11.99 can something like $28. For the same item, with no more money going to my manufacturers, or all of those farmers who certainly need more money. It's even worse for cheap tobacco. That was like $6, and now it will be $22...that's almost 4 times as much.

But, I heard about the increase, and I devised a plan. See, I'm not paying it. But I'm also not going to quit on their schedule, because that would stress out everyone in my life. Yesterday I went and bought the last 3 cans in town. They were still $11.99, and I put them in my freezer. That's normally 3 or 4 months worth. But it will be my last tobacco purchase.

Let me say that again, so I can't back down.

That was my last tobacco purchase.

So now I have 3 cans to wean me off. It'll be a nice, steady decrease that hopefully won't make me cry. I'm not very strong when it comes to this subject, and this way will be better. I'm going to keep you updated, Internet, about my habit.

Cigarette count for yesterday: 5. Now, let's watch together as that number decreases until we're at 0.

So government...kiss my rear. I'm assuming what you want is for everyone to quit. So you win. But you can't have anymore of my money.

And, off subject: Sheri, if you're reading this, I don't think you seem bitter or insane. I think you sound like you handle your problems pretty well, and you do an amazing job of keeping on the positive side. Who wouldn't be bitter in your position? But you're certainly on the right side of the bitter line. See, you're bitter with a laugh. And I think that's healthy.


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That is a very good plan.. You're smart. That's why I like you.