Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Funny things from a funny kid

There is this fabulous fellow at one of the schools I work at. I taught him last year, and this year also in 2 of the classes I regularly sub for. He's autistic, but pretty high functioning. He makes me laugh regularly, but today, he tickled me to my bone.

I say "Hey-I missed you! I haven't seen you for a while!"
He said "Well, I don't actually like you very much. But you're OK as a teacher. I guess."

I'd let this hurt my feelings, but I can't. 1: I know he likes me. 2: He said it so dead pan that I almost peed my pants. 3: He really hates loud things. I am a loud thing. Last year, every time we did something loud, I had to let him sit in my office or in the hall. So I know I'm a little much for him to handle.

Just now, as I finished typing, he came up to me and said, "I'd be willing to sign a peace treaty. Just try not to be so dang loud, and I'll be your friend."

I said I couldn't promise anything, but I'd try.

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