Friday, March 13, 2009

Unusual Week

This week has been weird. First, I'll say I really haven't worked a lick. Well, I managed to work 1/2 of a day out of all 5, plus trivia. Several things played into this. Monday was way too pretty to work. It demanded to be spent outside.

Tuesday, I had a funeral to attend. Jon's grandfather, Newell Propst, died on Sunday. He was 89, and we had expected this for a while. The family is doing a-OK, and what a beautiful day Tuesday was for a funeral.

Wednesday, no one called for me to sub, so I made trivia questions and spent the day blissfully with Jon. But, alas, Jon is sick. He has a terrible sinus infection we've been fighting for weeks. He feels OK most of the time, but then he gets slammed with completely unmanageable headaches with little to no warning. So, Thursday was spent at the doctor's office. I think what we did may fix him, but he isn't fixed yet. Last night we also went to see Frost/Nixon. I liked it, Jon didn't so much.

The rest of the week was basically spent cuddling and reconnecting with my wonderful husband.

Tomorrow, I'll be visiting Dana and Cassie. I've never really talked about them on the blog...but here's a rundown. From the time I was 5, till 11 or 12, my mom was married to a man. Now, I always hear "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all", so we're done talking about him. But, he had 2 daughters. One was my age and one was a year older. They came to our house every other weekend, and I loved them so much. I played with those 2 more than I ever played with anyone else. My favorite regular thing we did was dance for hours in the basement to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Fun, fun times.

But, the divorce was ugly, and I haven't seen them in yeeeears. And tomorrow, my mom, my sister and I will meet them for lunch. Totally excited.

Onto a new topic: I cook all the time. I love to cook. I'm known for my cooking. But I've never baked. It just wasn't my thing. In the last 2 weeks, I've baked a chocolate cake, 2 cheesecakes, and a pie FROM SCRATCH. A couple of weeks before that, I made a beautiful carrot cake, also from scratch. I don't know what has come over me, but everyone seems appreciative of it. So, if you live near me, you may want to stop by for some fresh baked goodies sometime.

One more new topic: Karaoke. First week, terrible. Second week, good. Third week, beautiful weather, horrible karaoke. So I really really need a big crowd this week. Please tell your friends. And please come yourself. I'd like to know at least 15 people in the crowd. Can you be one of those 15? Allison? Liz? Katie?

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liz said...

i want some cheesecake!!!