Monday, March 02, 2009


From A Hurricane Called Carmen

So, karaoke was fun.

People that live here that love me enough to come: Allison, Jon, Matt, Liz, Brandon, and Brenda. There were lots of other people there, but thanks to my friends that came, and thanks to Katie for posting my ad on the swap and shop.

This is Allison and Liz. They had fun. :)


linden said...

hi there-
i just wandered into your blog from the hickory group on flickr, and lo and behold, i see karaoke at beef o'brady's.....i live in the apartments directly across the street and when we moved in last summer, my husband actually worked there for a month or so. we've been looking for something ANYTHING interesting to do around here for a while now- will karaoke be back in the next few weeks, despite the low turn out? (lame town, this.) we'd love to come.:)
-linden and nick

liz said...

that was alot of fun lots of beers!! tell allison thanks for letting me "sing" with her!!!