Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Reunion

From left:
Cassie, Laura, Me, Dana

Cassie and Dana are my ex-step-sisters, I suppose, and Laura's half sister. Much like my entire childhood, I'm the weird one with the blond hair. When we were little, people always thought Cassie and Dana belonged to my mom and I was the step-daughter.


Allison said...

uh huh. the "blonde" one. :)

Carmen said...

Shut up. I'm blonde. I may not be quite as blonde naturally as I make it, but it's still blonde. If I didn't touch it, it would grow out a couple of shades darker blonde, and corkscrew curly. So, shut up.

But...growing up, before I discovered hair dye, I was still the only blonde amongst all of the brunettes.

Online Dating said...

That was kinda fun!