Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm sitting down to blog with no idea what I'm going to blog about.

Things are good, overall. I've been really busy feeling, but I'm loving the classes I'm teaching this week. This is the start of my 4th week in high school theatre, total, and I still like it.

Sometimes the kids are a little too much like me, though.

I've been messing around with sidebar items. I know I have too many...they're quite the addiction. I've promised myself now, though, that every time I add one, I have to delete one too. Bother. Can I have a blog that is just 3 sidebars?

I tried to post a fantastic video yesterday, but it didn't work. It was a dog, dressed in a little suit, milking a goat. It tickled me, and I wanted to share. Oh well.

Karaoke has picked up to the point that I don't hold my breath until people show up anymore. It's so fun, and I think I've gotten pretty good at running it. Allison is so awesome. She comes every week she can, helps me set up, sings the whole time, helps me break down, and generally keeps my spirits up. I think I'll keep her.

I've been doing more things at the art museum, and that is great. And, I have a couple of new friends. I love it when I make new friends. Fun times, generally.

Since I have nothing interesting to tell you, I'll share karaoke pictures. Yay for karaoke!


Jenelle said...

your goat video did show up! I watched it this morning!

Allison said...

I saw the goat video. It freaked me out a little, not too much for me to laugh.