Monday, March 09, 2009


I hate the winter. I hate being stuck inside. I hate the quality of light. I hate to be cold. My fingers and toes freeze and don't thaw, excepting bath time at night, until mid March. I get cranky and depressed, then I stay that way.

I don't like wearing sweaters and coats and 2 pairs of socks. I like wearing sandals and jeans and t-shirts. I like wearing little dresses.

And Spring is here! At least for a bit. But even if it gets cold again, I'll know it isn't for keeps.

The blahs have lifted. I've been outside for days. We've even eaten all of our meals outside for days. My body loves the Vitamin D as much as my ears love Dr. Dog. I've gone without socks, and only worn my favorite t-shirts and my new favorite jeans. Bliss, people, bliss.

Except for karaoke...if you're interested, you'll be sad to hear that attendance was dismal. I think this is on account of the beautiful weather...who wants to go inside?

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liz said...

your new jeans are super cute.i agree i hate the cold. i cant wait for pool weather.