Monday, November 10, 2008

Update, since I'm not the best blogger.

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. There are some reasons for that, and yes, the Wii is one of them. Also, our internet is down. Allison's internet is down as well, because it's the same internet. I'm not a happy girl. Also, I haven't much felt like it. I've been in the mood to spend every available minute touching my husband, and it's hard to type and touch at the same time. So, there you are. I'll try to be better.

First, let's chat about our new PRESIDENT!!! Oh buddy am I excited. And I know so many people are nervous and scared, but I feel hopeful about our country for the first time in years. Bottom line-things were broken. So, when something is broken, do you go to the fixer who was trained by the guy who broke it? I don't think that's logical. I think you'd go to someone else, even if you weren't totally sure that they could fix it right. Because you know the other guy can' know? I'm hopeful he'll fix it, and even if he can't fix it, maybe he'll get this whole country off of the track it was running on. It's been a bunch of old white dudes running our country for so long. Of course they don't care about fixing the energy problem, or the pollution problem, or the global warming problem. They'll be dead before the problems get too big. Me, though, I'll still be kicking. So I'd like to have a President that will kind of take care of those things.

In the last 10 days, I served 4 days of jury duty, filled out a census, talked to the census people on the phone for about 30 minutes, and voted. I feel like a very good citizen.

On to new topics...I've settled into a Wii routine, one that I hope will keep me slim and trim. I do yoga every day, maybe 10-15 minutes of it. Then, I do the super hula hoop game for 10 minutes. It's not much of a game, but it will kick your rear end for sure. You stand on the board, then swing your hips like you're hula hooping. Sometimes you have to lean to get a hoop that people toss at you. But, it's constant motion for 10 minutes, and my sides are getting tight. Then, I do the advanced step. The whole thing takes about 30 minutes, and it is fun. I'm a big fan, don't know if I've mentioned it. I still do other games and such, but that's my workout.

I went to see my mom over the weekend. She got a new dog, Jake, who is truly sweet and fabulous. You can't help but to kiss him all over his very sweet face, and he actually seems to enjoy it. It's hard to get a good picture of him, though, because as soon as he sees the camera, he runs to you and jumps to try to get it. Most of my pictures are actually just blurs. I also got my mom, sister, and step dad hooked on the Wii, and they'll be getting one too. My mom busted up a lot of my high scores, which DID NOT amuse me. (Yes, mom, I'm talking to you, lady!)

I also got to hang out with my sister's boyfriend, and he is as precious as the dog, but in a different way, of course. We also went to the most fabulous bakery, where I got lots of bread, lots of cookies, and some hummus. And then sushi, which needs no real comment. If you're ever in Greensboro, I'd recommend Wasabi. Mom-what's the name of the bakery? I wanted to link to it, and I can't remember.

I had to rush home Saturday for an Art Museum function, which turned out to be super super cool. These folks bought an empty warehouse, then totally revamped it. They live there and they also have a huge art gallery. It was beautiful, and I don't know how you could ever be unhappy surrounded by that much beauty. While there, we hung out with our friends Dylan and Chris. This was great, because I'm a butterfly at parties, and I always feel bad for Jon. But, Dylan is a butterfly too, and Chris and Jon kept each other company. Then, on to Drips, where Matt and our new friend Grant joined us, then back to my house for a little Wii action.

My dog-she's rotten. I knew that. But sometimes I do forget how rotten. We had left our new bakery goods on the table, still wrapped in their cellophane. Bertha decided that she wanted a lemon ginger cookie, so she set to work. She actually got the twist tie off, then ate exactly half of all 3 cookies. She didn't tear the paper. No, not her. She took off the twist ties. With no thumbs. I don't know how. Of course, she had to be in trouble, but I was almost proud of her fancy paw work.

Sunday we went to Sylva to take pictures of Terri, who is pregnant. Know all those times that I complain that Jon is out of town for a week? It's always on some photography trip with her. I like her a lot, and we had a great time. She has her studio, and her own loft, in downtown Sylva. It's lovely. But, my favorite part is the climb right out her living room window, and there is a big roof to play on. While they were taking pictures, I climbed out with a yoga mat and did yoga on the roof. It was sublime. The sun was at the perfect angle, and it was 70 degrees. Amazing. It was a very centering period of time, and I can't stop thinking about it. I want to get back up there. One of the best things about the Wii is that it taught me yoga, which I can now do anywhere. We were going to also go to Goats on a Roof, which I was ridiculously excited about, but we ran out of time. So, we went home, and---can you guess? We played Wii with Matt. We're so predictable.

On Thursday night at the Carolina, my friend Dylan's movie will be playing. I'm stoked. More info here.


liz said...

sounds like you need to sit and relax for a while!! zachary says go to "tarmen" on the "pooter" so he can see the picture of himself running!!!

Lovey said...

Great update! We'll have to try Wasabi, too. I'll let you know how it goes. And? fill us in on that great bakery's name!!! :)

Carmen Eckard said...

@LoveyH I'm hoping that my mom will check my blog at any second and tell us all what it is called. When she does, let me recommend the cherry pistachio cookies, the lemon ginger cookies, and the walnut bread.

@Liz I'm very tired. I wasn't in bed until at least 2 for 3 days in a row, and that's not my style. I'm hoping for a break tonight after high school and then rehearsal.

Jenelle said...

The bakery is "Simple Kneads" and here is the website:

Had soooo much fun this weekend!!