Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Love Fall

Something happens to me around this time of year. I get really happy. Because how can you be anything but thrilled when it's 70 degrees all the time, and the trees have exploded into orange and red?

And how can you be unhappy when you have Wii that has helped you lose 4 pounds and build up totally new muscles?

And how about when you're married to a guy that just fits you perfectly?

And when your main man wins the election?

When things are just looking up up up on all fronts?

For real, I've never been happier.

Jon and I shot a wedding last weekend, and it was so cool. We worked together so very well, and got beautiful pictures. And, I met a man who could be very helpful in the karaoke/dj business.

I need one more vote out of you guys. Which of the following do you think I'm best suited for, long term? I would love it if you would rank these three:

1: Working with my husband, being a photographer's assistant, props girl, model, and business helper.

2: Some sort of awesome position at the Art Museum. (I think this is achievable, but it would take a while. I will also be living a block from the Art Museum at that point.)

3: Full time trivia host/karaoke host/DJ/party maker.

What do you think? I can't decide. They all sound fun.


Allison said...

For some reason I'm feeling Art Museum.. Not sure why :)

liz said...

i think you are perfect for all 3! are you moving? but can you work and live w/jon 24/7.i know i need a break from everything including my husband. you'll make the right choice. but dont stop doing trivia!!!

liz said...

can you helpme make a blog?????

liz said...

you learn how to do balloon animals,paint faces and dress like a clown i will book you right now for 2 parties

Lingerie said...
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