Friday, November 07, 2008

I normally pride myself...

...on being able to keep a lot of balls in the air. It's a very rare occurrence that I forget something I'm supposed to do. I've been super organized lately, and haven't forgotten a thing.

And then yesterday, I totally spaced on the fact that I was supposed to have dinner with my best friend. Totally spaced, then felt horrible. Now, Allison says it is no big deal, and we can do it next week. But I feel bad. And the worst part is not that I was rude...I can get over that. It's that I totally forgot, 100%. There was no point in the day when I was all "Hey- I have dinner with Allison tonight." Nope. Nothing. It totally left my brain, even though it was there the day before. And that scares me. I'm think I'm losing my edge.

I'll be forgetting where I live next. Fortunately, I keep a few people around who will be able to help me if/when that happens.


liz said...

that the good thing about having a best freind like her she probably really does understand

Allison said...

We can go either Tuesday night, Thursday night, or Friday night if you want. just let me know which of those nights is best for you.