Friday, November 21, 2008


I saw in the news that a fellow from Lenoir Rhyne died, and they were investigating. He was 19 years old. Apparently, he died while being initiated into Theta Chi. His name was Harrison.

So I immediately jumped to the conclusion that there was drunken hazing going on.

But, it really seems to be an accident. They were playing Capture the Flag, he fell and hit his head on the frozen ground, started talking crazy, and died in the hospital.

So how responsible is the fraternity? Well, they were playing at night, in the pitch black, with no flashlights and black clothes. Pretty irresponsible, but I suppose it could have been worse. I'm sure they've been doing it for years, and considered it good fun. But, college students are not known for their responsibility or maturity, are they?

When I was pledging Alpha Psi Omega, they sent all the pledges on a scavenger hunt. But, there was a good 4 inches of snow that had freshly fallen. To make a long story straight, we all piled into 2 cars, mine being one. Then, I proceeded to drive my car right into the other one, involving every single member of the pledge class in an accident. Ooops. But come on...why send a bunch of college kids into a blizzard? Could the scavenger hunt not have happened the next night?

For all of you who are confused at the thought of me in a sorority...I wasn't. Alpha Psi Omega was a different situation. It was an Honors Fraternity...not social. So, there were girls and guys. But, it was very hard to get had to have 100 points, with points coming from plays you were involved in. And buddy did you have to do a lot to get up to that 100. And the whole pledge process was ridiculous. In that aspect, it wasn't like an Honors Fraternity. It was still very just had to do lots and lots of theatre to get in, but you kind of had to be well liked as well. I loved it at first, and ended up detesting it, but not before I was the Vice President for a while.

Perhaps someday I'll blog about that whole part of my life. I learned some great lessons, some horrible lessons, and some really hard lessons. I left with a bad taste in my mouth, and I sort of retreated from it all for the last year of college.

Let's just say that it is never good for you to work with, hang out with, have classes with, be in plays with, be in fraternities with, and party with the exact same group of people. NO GOOD can come of that. Drama people are almost all self-centered, and they like to stir up trouble. So, it isn't generally a good idea to totally surround yourself with that group of people.

Totally off topic at this point.

Dude died horribly in a fraternity accident. That's terrible.

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Allison said...

It totally sucks but it seems to me like a total accident and the frat shouldn't be held responsible. But that's just my opinion.