Thursday, November 20, 2008

1. My eye color: Blue, with a little dot of brown in one.
2. Favorite car: I would love a beautiful mint Carmann Ghia.
3. Right-handed or left-handed: Right
4. Shoes you wore today: Islander Crocs with fuzzy pink socks.
5. My fears: No one knowing who I am.
6. Goal you would like to achieve this year: Land myself a good job with an established DJ, get Jon's business going a little stronger.
7. Thoughts first waking up: How do I turn so that I can cuddle best with the dog and the man?
8. My bedtime: Depends on my schedule that day and the next.
9. Pepsi or Coke: Coke
10. Single or Group Dates: Single dates with my baby.
11. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
12. Do you smoke: What a habit to have.
13. Do you sing: Yes
14. Have you been in love: Yes. Of course. I'm a married girl.
15. Do you want to get married: I am.
16. Do you get along with your parents: Yes, both are very cool, and I even like my step parents.
17. Do you play a musical instrument: I dabble.
18. In the past month have you smoked: Yes. Sorry mom. But I did switch to organic cigarettes, and I smoke a lot less of them.
19: Favorite candy bar: I don't eat candy bars.
20: In the past month have you gone on a date: Yes.
21. All-time favorite sports team: I don't do sports.
22. Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend: Jon Eckard
23. My best friend(s): Allison and Matt.
24. Do you believe in love at first sight: No, that’s just lust.
25. Favorite clothing brand: ? Target?
26. Dream vacation: Saba
27. My favorite singer: Sublime, or Amy Winehouse
28. My favorite movie: The Princess Bride
29. Have you ever fired a gun: A thousand times, but no real bullets. I spent some summers working at Tweetsie Railroad and Horn in the West. I shot lots of guns, but they all had blanks. They were real guns, though. Does that count?
30: Do you like answering these questions: I'm bored.
31. Do you like yourself: Yes ma'am.
32. I am addicted to… Coke, my Wii, stupid cigarettes.
33. Favorite drink: Coke
34. Do you have a crush on anyone: Just my hubby.
35. Are you ticklish: Yes. Don't tickle me. I HATE it.
36: Favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry Garcia
37. Define yourself in 3 words… Creative, Outgoing, Scattered
38. Do you believe in God: Yes.
39: Favorite day of the week: Saturday
40. Heads or tails: Heads
41. Favorite author: Salinger, Palihnuik, Stephen King.
42. What magazines do you read: Time.
43. Sweet or sour: Sweet
44. Favorite chewing gum brand: Trident
45. My hair color: Blonde, and curly.
46. Height: 5′ 5″
47. My heritage: English, Irish, Cherokee
48. My weakness: Impatience, and I get mean when I’m hungry. Not always the best at follow through.
49. My perfect pizza: Pep. and Mushroom on a thin crust, Papa Johns Pizza.
50: My most overused phrase on IM: I don't really IM.
51. My best physical feature: I'd say eyes, Jon would say my rear.
52. Do you get motion sickness: If I sit in the backseat and get hot in a car, or try to read in a car, yes.
53. McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
54. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Coke.
55.Cappuccino or Coffee: Espresso
56. Do you swear: Never on this here blog.
57. Do you want to go to college: Never again.
58. Do you think you’re attractive: Yes. More so now than ever before.
59. Do you like thunderstorms: Yes, but I don't like my dog's reaction.
60. In the past month have you drunk alcohol: No. I have IBS, and it is no good for that situation.
61. In the past month have you been on drugs: OTCs. No more BC, because did you know that in 40% of women, it causes a near total lack of sex drive? And did you know that no one ever mentions that?
62. Favorite cartoon as a child: Bugs Bunny
63. Favorite sport: None.
64. In the past month have you been on stage: Every night at rehearsal. Also, it isn't a stage, but I do have a captive audience and a microphone every week.
65. Ever been beaten up: Nope
66. How you want to die: Peacefully, in my sleep
67. Number of piercings: Two in each ear, but I never wear earrings.
68. Favorite color: Red.
69:Favorite food dish: Sushi? I don't know. I love love love all sorts of food.
70. My parents are… Divorced and happily remarried.
71. Do you have children: Not yet.
72. Do you have pets: A dog and a cat.
My favorite music genre: Classic rock .
74. My favorite season: Fall
75. Silver or Gold: Silver
76. Who was the last person that called you: Matt.
77: Are you a good driver: I think I'm a fine driver. Jon, however, has something to say about my driving at least 2 or 3 times in every trip. But I can't be too bad, because he has me drive everywhere.
78. Would you rather be rich or famous: Famous
79. When I’m sad or down, I prefer to… cuddle with Jon or Bertha.
80. What is your phone’s current ringtone: I never reset the factory settings. It's a annoying little song.
81. The longest you’ve gone without sleeping: 1 day
82. What would you do with a million dollars: Start a restaurant/theatre.
83. What makes you laugh: Most things.
84. Your favorite book: No idea. I really like On the Road.
85. Most embarrassing moment: My boob popped out at my first wedding, and at a point when everyone was staring at me. Also, once I pooped myself at school. Not while I was in no. Last year. See above where I mention IBS.
86: Favorite item that you currently own: Laptop.
87: Have you ever moved: Oh, bunches.
Kisses or hugs: Why choose?
89. Are you a very emotional person: Oh yeah. If I make it 3 days without crying, I'm so very proud of myself.
90: Do you think anyone else will repost this? Probably not. It's long. I didn't realize how long until I got started. Whew. Glad I'm done.


liz said...

# 77 i agree if brandon thinks i suck at driving why do i always drive????? do u no anyone who wants a kitten?????we found it by trash outside work! very sweet needs home!!!!!!

Lovey said...

good job! :)