Sunday, November 25, 2007

My break

Oh this was such a fabulous break. Wednesday was awesome, and I got lots of things that needed to be done done. Like...getting a license with the right name, fixing my social security card, renewed my plates, got my breaks looked at, make a green bean casserole. It was much better than normal green bean casserole. Recipe:

I start with a bag of fresh green beans. I steam them for a few minutes. In a pot, I mix a big can of cream of mushroom soup with a big scoop of sour cream. I throw in a little garlic, and let that get hot. I also microwave some sliced mushrooms and add those.

I slice up an onion really small. I mix up an egg, and swirl the onions around in it. Then, I mix some flour and garlic and spices together and swish the onions around in that. I fry these in a big pot of oil.

I mix together the green beans and the hot soup mixture, then pour it in a casserole dish. I sprinkle the onions on top and bake for 15 minutes at 375.

We spent Thanksgiving day at my aunt Denise's house, which was fun. Then Friday, we messed around and did a little shopping, mostly avoiding the Black Friday mess. I cooked soup for Saturday with Jon's family at the cabin. It was delicious, but I want to tweak the recipe before I share it.

Saturday we got to go to a tree farm, and pick out our very own tree. Both of us neglected to take a picture of any sort, but Jon's relative took one, so maybe we'll get a copy sometime. Next up:
Bake Christmas cookies.
Decorate the tree.
Sing lots of Christmas songs.

I'm a big dork about Christmas. I don't really even mind the shopping. I do a lot of it online, and that helps avoid the stress of malls. I really don't like crowds. I'm fine if I'm in front of it...teaching a class, or on a stage. But I don' t like at all being down in the middle of it. Give me a few people over a bunch any day for me. So, malls at Christmas, or Walmart or Target, just aren't fun.

We got to spend time at the Cabin, and it was wonderful. It was interesting seeing so many people there...Jon's whole family came out. There are a whole crowd of people. And a cute baby and some kids. Usually it's just Jon and Bertha and I while we're there. We stayed after and spent the night, but the clouds blocked most of the stars. This place has the prettiest view of the stars.

I have brownies in the oven, and vanilla ice cream in the ice cream maker. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Allison said...

awe... sounds like fun... i decorated my tree after yall left and this morning there were 14 ornaments on the flood. damn beefcake.

Carmen Eckard said...

14 is less than i assumed you'd have. :)i'm hoping bertha will do ok with the tree...i think she will. she won't be able to watch for us out the window, though.