Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bertha Poem, Cont.

I'm still not done, but here's 4 more verses. :) It's getting sillier and sillier.
Every time I pull up to my house
Before I can get out the key,
There’s a scratch at the door, and a cute little bark!
My dog Bertha’s been waiting for me.
She'll run around me and around me,
then once more just for good measure.
She just has to say hello!
It's one of life's great pleasures.

If she could speak English,
I'm sure I'd hear her shout:
"I've been inside all day, Mommy!

She'll potty and chase golf balls,
and she'll wag her little tail.
She'll play fetch as long as we let her,
but too much running makes her smell.

Bertha really likes to cuddle
between her mommy and her daddy,
and she loves to eat junk food!
She's really quite a fatty.

She loves the smell of pizza-
she'll watch the oven till it's ready.
She likes bacon, cheese and crackers,
but her favorite is spaghetti.

Bertha barks like crazy
At EVERYTHING outside-
And one thing she can’t resist
Is to hop in the car for a ride.

We like to roll down the window
And then she sticks her head out far
But we really have to watch her
So she doesn’t fall out of the car.

Even though that dog is precious,
Everything’s not always swell-
Sometimes she goes on the carpet
And it leaves a yucky smell.

Bertha often likes to lick
And by “often” I mean always.
When she does it all night long,
We kick her out, into the hallway.

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