Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am begging for your help!!

OK-so this is the thing...Beef O' Brady's wants karaoke, and so we started it last week. Only NO ONE came. OK-2 tables came. But that was all. It was heartbreaking.

But, I really want this thing to be a go. I mean, I love karaoke, and I love paying bills with the money it makes. And, if no one comes, Beefs will cancel it, for sure.

I need you to come Saturday. Not only that, but I need you to come Saturday and bring some friends. I need you to tell people about it.

Last Saturday was terrible. There were 5 of us singing, and we just took turns all night. That really isn't that much fun. What's fun is when lots of people come. Even if you don't worries. Bodies are much more important than voices. I'll sing you a song. It will be a good one.

Please, please, please, come. I really truly need your help. Please. (Please.)


Katie Bonk said...

Email me an ad and I'll post it on the swap shop :)
D and I will be in Atlanta this weekend, but neither of us would sing anyway...

LIZ said...