Friday, February 13, 2009

Good things that happened yesterday

1: I got a job hosting karaoke Saturday nights at Beef O Brady's. That ups my Beef's pay enough to cover the house payment.

2: School was oh so fun.

3: I got compliments from board members at the Art Museum.

4: Had plenty of good time with my honey.

5: Bought a pair of size 6 jeans.

6: Went to see a movie I liked.

It seems like I'm leaving one good thing out. I'll keep you posted if I remember it.

Bad thing? None. That's right. None. :)

***Allison just pointed out the thing I was forgetting. We have these neighbors, and I don't want to talk bad about people on the internet, but man oh man. Anyway, yesterday they informed me that they'd be moving back to Cincinnati TODAY. This is great news, but better for Allison than me, as they scream at each other constantly, and she shares a wall with them. Thanks for reminding me, Allison.

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