Tuesday, August 19, 2008

List of Talents

1: I am wonderful with children.
2: I'm very personable, and get along easily with people.
3: I love to entertain a crowd.
4: I am a decent actor, with lots of training.
5: I am a better director, with lots more training.
6: I can sing.
7: I know my way around a computer very well.
8: I have a firm grasp of the internet, and how to use it as a tool.
9: I can cook up a storm.
10: I am very creative.
11: I can design websites, and keep them updated. This is not to say that I am a web designer...it has been a hobby since college.
12: I think very quickly on my feet, which makes me great at improvising, or stalling for time in front of a crowd.
13: I'm pretty durned book smart.
14: I have HUGE stores of patience.
15: I am very confident and self assured. I'm not sure that is a talent, but I think it is important.
16: I'm a great motivator.
17: I can design sets and lights for plays or shows.
18: I can build sets, and hang and focus lights for plays or shows.
19: I can run sound, and I have some of my own equipment to do so.
20: I'm learning how to make videos-I can edit video and I have an HD video camera.
21: Years of stage managing has made me great at keeping people on track and organized.
22: I'm not a photographer, but I take pretty decent pictures, and I'm married to a photographer, which gives me a steady stream of good pictures.
23: I'm good at expressing myself through writing.
24: I have a really good understanding of how to best use all the free Google products, and I'm good at explaining them to other folks.

Cool Accomplishments:
1: I was the first person at my college to get perfect scores on all 3 parts of the Praxis 1.
2: I was voted most creative in my high school class.
3: I organized, directed, produced and performed in a Variety Show to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. It raised $3,500.
4: My trivia game is one of the more happening things to do in Hickory.

I'm sure that there are more things I can add, but it is hard to think of everything at once. Is there something you can think of?


AmyD said...

Your kind and giving of your time. I barely know you, but I already know this to be true.

Oh! And you're passionate about the things and people (and furbabies!) you love. :o)

Allison said...

You're very hospitable :)

As weird as it seems to say, you're actually pretty organized.

You take whatever you're doing very seriously.