Thursday, August 07, 2008

I like big butts.

Jon loves my butt-says it is his favorite one of all time. Allison took a picture of my arse in jeans a long time ago, and apparently, other people like it too. This amuses me:

1: Arse.Com It's a butt rating site. You must click on my behind to get into the site. And I found my butt in the rating part-1 is tiny, 10 is butt is 5.04, which is nice and balanced. Yay for my butt!
2: As part of a father's day gift giving guide. I know. Weird.
3: And in Spanish.

And, I noticed that 5 people marked this photo as a favorite in flickr. I had no idea my butt would be so well loved by the internet. I'm so flattered.

And this one has nothing to do with my butt, but I've always loved this picture of Allison's, and I think this is quite a funny use for it.

1 comment:

Brad Brown said...

Inclusion of your butt in my Father's Day article made it one of my highest traffic articles ever - never underestimate the power of a body part in increasing blog traffic. I am truly indebted to your photo. Keep them coming.