Sunday, August 31, 2008

A book that will change my life

I've been reading this book called Protein Power Lifeplan. It's all about how ancient men ate, and how our bodies have developed to eat the way that man did for all that time. In the last few thousand years, the book says, our eating habits have drastically changed, and then over the last two hundred years, even more so. But, the book goes into how we should eat for the way our bodies developed.

Ancient man ate nothing except the very occasional honey that would raise his insulin. Most of what we eat does...most of what we eat is filled with sugar and carbs, which turn to sugar and raise our insulin levels. The average person eats half a cup of sugar a day. That's right, folks. A day. As a result, our insulin receptors desensitize themselves, much as you get used to a bad smell in a room, because there is so much insulin everywhere. So, the result ends up being high blood sugar, high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol, high triglycerides...the main afflictions of our society.

Also, ancient man had a good calcium/magnesium balance. This is needed, along with Vitamin D, to build good bones. They got most of the magnesium from we filter it out. So, we get tons more calcium than magnesium, which adds to the sugar/cholesterol problem.

This book isn't a diet's a book about shifting how you think about food, and what is actually good for you and what isn't.

I thoughoughly recommend it, especially if you or your parents have any of the above mentioned problems. My dad does have all those, and the last time I went to the doctor, it looked like I was heading that way.

I feel better already.

Strangely, I haven't had a soda in 4 days and I don't miss it. That's right. I don't miss coke.

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