Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It is so peaceful being here at the beach. The dog is behaving herself very well around the other dog, Daisy, and things are copecetic.

Sitting in the sunroom, I can hear the crash of the waves, and the squawk of seagulls.
It's a little stormy now, but the good kind of beach stormy...the sky looks angry, and I can't wait for it to let loose a little more.

However....I've started taking the pill again...4 days now. And I feel insane...very emotional and weebly wobbly. I hope that passes soon, or these pills are going right in the garbage. I cried today without the faintest idea why. I hate that nonsense.

Bertha is pretty funny on the beach. She runs right up to the water, but when it comes in, she backs away. She will go in it, but not too far. The waves are pretty big, and they keep her from going out, really. But after she gets wet she insists on rolling in the sand. A big, healthy roll...she makes sure to get a nice even sand coating all over her body. Annoying to clean? Yes. But totally worth it, if only for the giggles it provides.

Coming home tomorrow. Meet me at Beefs, if you want some trivia action. We've moved it to Wednesday nights at 8:30. Further, Matt is here at the beach, and he's staying longer than us. That means he'll have to relinquish his 3 week first place run.


Katie Bonk said...

Beach storms are the BEST. Especially if you have a good place to sit and watch them. You sound wonderfully relaxed. :) See you tonight!

Lovey said...

I feel ya on the pill. I hope it evens out for you. It did for me! Good luck!!!