Friday, December 14, 2007

Know what would be AWESOME?

Spending my days working here, at Catawba Science Center and spending some of my nights running karaoke. Because I'm thinking more awesome than awesome. I'm thinking it would be one big ball of awesomeness. What would you do at Catawba Science Center, you say? Well, be an educator, perhaps. They have lots of ex-teachers and a sweeter deal. I spent some of this evening talking to a person who works there, and loves it. I think it would fit my talent set quite nicely.

One of the advantages of the Science Center would be that I would still be working directly with kids, which I love. But it would be so much better in so many ways. And, they have a planetarium, and an aquarium, both new. Right next to the library and art museum and art council. 2 blocks away from the house I'd like to end up in, saving of course us moving to Saba.

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Allison said...

Go for it.