Sunday, December 16, 2007


So the karaoke thing has been rolling around in my head for a while now. First, it should be said that I really really love to sing karaoke. But more than that, I really love entertaining a crowd. This is evidenced by how much fun I have doing trivia night, when I don't even like trivia. I love karaoke, so I figure hosting a karaoke night would be a really fun and right down my alley kind of thing. I started looking at a business plan, and I think that it could be a very viable job oppurtunity for me. By having a karaoke system, I also have a P. A. system. I can give the power and sound to bands, karaoke, school plays, whatever. I also have a good sound system for myself. I could run karaoke nights, rent the system alone, or with me as an mc. Also, the system works with a nifty recorder and I could make CDs of karaoke nights, and videos for youtube possibly...I think people might would get into that. It's very exciting. So, my incredibly resonably priced system is on its way, and I am going to have karaoke on SATURDAY nights at McGuires. I think this is a very good first step. The new year will be so fun.

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