Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Golden Compass Controversy

So, I LOVED the book The Golden Compass. But, there is a big ol' stink about it. Lots of people are saying that the author is an athiest and his intent is to spread his athiest ideas to kids. I heard this when I was half way through the book and I thought it was absurd. After I read the whole book, I kind of get it. I hear that the third book is the worse. Honestly, if you're a Christian parent raising your kids that way, I'm not sure I'd let them read it. However, it isn't written for young kids, and the movie is rated PG-13. My whole thought on this is simple: It's a fiction book and should be read as that. I'm an open minded person who feels that other people should be allowed to be openminded as well. Everyone on earth is entitled to their own opinions. If a person is a writer, then they're entitled to write about whatever the heck they want to. On the other side, if people want to raise a stink, then I guess that's their right as well. As an adult who loves fantasy/history books I'll probably read the next one, and I'll probably go see the movie. But would I let my kid read it? Probably not so much a 4th grader, but 8th grade and up, sure! As soon as a kid is old enough to understand the difference in fiction and fact, I'd think they're good to go. I've never been one to think that the world should be censored. If you're a parent, maybe you should talk to your kids about what they read instead of just freaking out and spreading chain mail to entire offices.

The movie is a weird choice to me. I mean, there are spectacular fight scenes in in the book and I'm sure it will be beautiful, but it does seem odd to market to children a book like this in a predominately Christian society. I don't think it will do well. I do think it will be good.

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Allison said...

Good Points. Very good points. I think the "protesting" is ridiculous. If they don't want their kids to get the wrong idea, they shouldn't take them to see it. It's that simple. And another thing, the movie hasn't even come out yet, so what do they even know? The ending could have been changed. That kind of stuff happens.

Katie Bonk said...

This is just like when The DaVinci Code came out. Crazy religious people just have to have something to gripe about. All of the controversy will probably boost sales that much more!