Thursday, October 30, 2008


Liz called me yesterday. She said, "You must really like your Wii, cause you haven't blogged since Sunday, and I'm bored at work. Get on it." So, I'm getting on it.

I do love my Wii, and it has lots more cool features than I realized. I especially like being about to browse the internet on my TV. Big fan.

But more importantly, I had Jury Duty all week. Even people who served on Tuesday's jury were expected back's been a horribly long week of sitting and waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Then, going home, coming back, and waiting, waiting, waiting.

On the upside, I made some friends, because I'm like that. Brian and Tasha are 2 people I had met, but didn't know very well. We've spent the whole week amusing each other, and I'll actually miss those guys.

I've been a little tired all week...I just can't get up the energy to do much more than I have to.

And last night, Allison puked out the window while I was driving. Just like old times. :)

I have lots of things I want to talk about, like the election, my wii, my play, some of Jon's work that has been all over the internet...lots of stuff, really. But it will all have to wait. I have some sitting around to do.

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