Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Life in General

Ooh boy my calendar is filling up. It's a nice feeling, but I have to admit that sometimes I get a little nervous looking at it.

I had auditions last night for my play, The Greatest Christmas Pagaent Ever. I have auditions again tonight and next Monday and Tuesday at 5:30, at Hickory Community Theatre. I need more people! I need boys and grownups especially!! You should come on out. ;)

Jon and I are going to the beach with my Dad Friday, and that's exciting as well.

Know what I hate? When I mention that I quit teaching, and people are all "What are you doing with yourself these days?" They always phrase it in a suspicious way that makes me feel like they think I'm up to nothing. But I'm a busy girl. So, I'll answer the question here:

I'm substitute teaching a lot.
I'm directing a play.
I'm on the marketing committee for the Art Museum.
I teach classes at the Art Museum.
I'm trying my hardest to market and promote Jon.
I'm handling a lot of the dealing-with-people end of Jon's business, and I go with him to shoots, and I smile pretty for him a lot.
I've got these trivia games, and they are doing swell.
I'm a member of Footcandle, and we meet once a month.
I'm hosting karaoke parties here and there.
I'm also doing all of the normal, day to day life stuff.

But my usual answer...
"Not too much...just trying to stay busy."

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Allison said...

don't worry about it. just say, "i'm retired".