Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 Reasons I'll vote for Obama.

1: And I've said this from the beginning. He doesn't take money from oil companies. None. No money from oil companies. Gas is $5 a gallon. That makes a lot of people who can't afford to drive to work every day and also feed their families. What did we expect when we elected people whose oil ties go so very very deep? This is a major problem...and no politician who takes money from big oil can ever do anything to change it. And goodness, we need to get off the oil. I'm pretty sure that people who got rich from oil aren't going to want to make it obsolete. So, Obama's refusal to accept oil money is a big huge deal for me.

2: John McCain is dishonest. I can't abide dishonesty*. And I know that you have to lie sometimes if you're president, but there is no need to do it so blatantly while you're running for office. McCain has run at least 4 ads that I know of that say Obama's tax plan will "Painfully increase taxes for middle class Americans." It just isn't true. In fact, let's look at the two tax plans for families making $38,000-$66,000...McCain's plan will save them an average of $325 a year. OK-that's well and good. Those same people would save an average of $1,118 with Obama's plan. I really feel like those people...the ones that work hard, and have to shuffle and juggle to make all the ends meet...those are the people that need to save money on taxes. Not the billionaires. Part of my issue is the lie, but the real problem is that he would lie about something so easy to check on...which makes me think that he must think we're idiots. I'm not an idiot, and I know how to use Google.

There is a website,, that is excellent. It isn't reports good and bath for Republicans and Democrats. I urge you to look at it when you aren't sure something is true. It's hard to get truth in media. Click here to read more about McCain's "pattern of deceit".

I also have this feeling...old, rich white men have been leading this country for a long time, and the rich get richer as the middle class disappears into poverty. Since I'm not an old, rich white man, that makes me pretty uncomfortable.

And I'm not saying that Obama is the best man for president...there are a lot of men. But I whole heartedly feel that he is our best choice right now. What we've done all this isn't working now. We need change, and I'm not sure of all the changes we need. But certainly, we need change.

I know a lot of you will disagree with me. I've read your emails, and I've investigated. But, I'm sticking with this, I do believe.

On a side note, I love Obama's Internet campaign. He is on every social site I know of...he twitters to keep his friends updated, and he's made an effort to reach people that way. McCain on the other hand, has said that his goal is to "finally get on the Internet". This world has changed drastically, and the world now runs on the Internet. I don't want a president who doesn't understand how it affects our world.

And one more side note...Obama's medical plan is sorely misunderstood. Part of this misunderstanding comes from McCain ads. Click here to read a little about it, or Google it.

I think this may be my first ever political blog entry.

*Matt, if you're reading this, you're influencing my choice of words.


matt said...

you didn't take into acount the fact that obama is going to eliminate the bush tax cuts. that middleclass family you mentioned, under the bush tax cuts, saves $2500 a year, so that means under obama's plan they will be paying about $1400 more than they would under mccain's plan. your voting for a socialist. mccain sucks also

Carmen Eckard said...

dude. either bush tax cuts weren't figured, or were, but it was the same for both. so the $325/$1118 difference stands.

and, people say "socialist" like it is a dirty word. i beg to differ. well, i won't beg. but i do differ. i'm not saying we should be socialists...i'm only saying that it isn't a curse word.

matt said...

that $325 is on top of the bush tax cuts. if you get rid of those tax cuts obviously you will pay more in taxes. taxes will go up for middleclass. the only people who will benifit is maybe the working class and people who don't contibute shit

Allison said...

Barack the vote :)