Friday, May 01, 2009

My poor neglected blog

I've not been sweet to my blog lately. I've been acting like it isn't a priority. I've been doing 25 second posts and being fine with that.

One reason is because I was working on the wedding website, and I sill am. The other? Laziness.
Or busy-ness. Whatever.

Tomorrow the art museum is doing a big thing...Art on the Avenue, and I'm on the microphone all day. Then, I get a couple of hours off, then to karaoke to be on the microphone all night. Good thing a microphone is one of my favorite things.

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed. Also, I've been dealing with a little stress that I can't talk about on my blog, and that has been weighing me down. Typically, when I have something stressful I can't talk about on the blog, I blog less.

Maybe I should start a secret blog for this sort of nonsense.

Yesterday was Allison's birthday. I made her a lovely book, and made some cake. What I didn't do was go to the baseball game. I'm sorry Allison. She ran into her least favorite person there, and I'm sure that was fun times. But, it was Thirsty Thursday at the Crawdad's game, and Allison was thirsty, so the girl escaped a good punch to the face. :) Allison, I love you.

I'm teaching high school today. Rather, I'm sitting at a computer all day while my classes sit at their computers. I'm bored. And I have to pee, because I've been drinking all this water. I can't pee till 11:15, and that's gonna be a stretch, people!

Since Sunday, I have had about 2 ounces of coca cola. I've been hitting the water like a champ, and I'm feeling good. With the cigarettes, I'm still at 4. I need to step it down to 3, but I don't waaaaaaaaaant to. 3 makes it feel like I don't have enough. Boo.


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i need to blog more too but i'm lazy. thanks for the delicious cake!