Friday, December 05, 2008

Easiest Day Ever

Today I am subbing in middle school. I'm the band teacher. I taught all the kids here when they were in elementary school, and they're thrilled to see me. And? Half the kids are on a field trip, leaving me with 2, count them, 2, classes. One at 8:10, and one at 11. So, during my first break I went shopping. I have to stick around in case someone shows up for the 1:50 class, but I get to leave again at 11:50 for 2 hours, then I stick my head in, hopefully see no one, then go home.

Rock on.

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Allison said...

hmm.. since it's 3:30 and you're not home, I'm going to guess you had to teach at 1:50.

Thanks for hanging out with me last night, I needed it.