Thursday, May 27, 2010

My living

Several people have asked what I'm up to these days. Several other people have seen me out working various jobs, and were surprised at the different type of things I do. See, this is the thing. I get bored easily. I can't think of any one thing I could do for 40 hours a week and stay happy. So, I've found a way to be able to do everything I enjoy, and actually make some money from it. It's a very good thing.

I thought about just writing a huge entry about all the things I'm up to, but that seemed like it would take a long time. So, I've made an outline. If you want details about any particular thing, e-mail me at

I. Jon Eckard Photography-I manage the business end of things, and assist Jon when we are on shoots. Occasionally, I shoot, but I'm a work in progress.

    A: Commercial Photography
        1: Website Photography
        2:  Annual Report Photography
        3:  Catalogue Photography
        4:  Billboard Photography
   B:  Event Photography
        1: Grand Openings
        2: Parties
        3: Fundraisers
        4: Catered Dinners
    C: Portraits
        1: Headshots
            a. Professionals
            b. Performers
        2: Family Portraits
        3: Senior Portraits
        4: Babies/Children
    D: Weddings
        1: Wedding Day coverage with album
        2:  Engagement Portraits
        3: Bridal Portraits
        4: Rehearsal Dinner coverage
    E: Stock Images
    F: Art Prints
        1: Nature
        2: Figure
        3: Others

II: Vocal Performance
    A: Weekly performances at Smokey Creek Barbeque
    B: Available for hire
    C: Karaoke Host

III: Party Host/DJ
    A: Host parties with music. Karaoke/games are optional.
    B: DJ Weddings.
    C: Annual 80's party and Halloween party at Beef O' Brady's

IV: Trivia Host
    A: Weekly game @ Beef O' Brady's.
    B: Private parties with custom games.

V: Model
     A: Figure Model at Hickory Museum of Art.
     B: Model for Jon Eckard Photography.
         1: Commercial print work.
         2: Art Prints.
     C: Model for local artist, Kate Worm.

VI: Data Entry for Pixelspace.

VII: Blog Designer.
     A: Hurricane Called Carmen*
     B: Trivia with Carmen*
     C: Karaoke with Carmen*
     D: Carmen Eckard *
     E: Moore County Kennel Club
     F: Carolina Terrier Association
     G: Canine Common Sense
     H: Hickory Brides

* Created for myself or one of my businesses.

VIII: Teacher at Hickory Museum of Art
     A: Art classes for children.
     B: Drama classes for teenagers and children.

IX: Substitute teacher for Catawba County Schools.


Anonymous said...

Is that all!!!

Carmen said...

Yeah, that's all. I probably have time for one more project, but then again, maybe not.

All that stuff...that's why I haven't posted in a long time. I just have a lot of balls in the air, and I'm scared I'll drop them if I pause too long.