Thursday, June 04, 2009

Proud of my Mama and other various assundries

So, I've mentioned that my mom is in college, studying to be an sign language interpreter. She's good. She's always had a big dramatic streak, which she clearly passed to me. It makes for some durn good interpreting.

Apparently, her professors all agree. She was chosen for a scholarship that they give to the rising Junior of their choosing. So, she'll get money this year and next year for school, because she's awesome and the right people noticed! Isn't that cool?

In other news. . . I've been on pain killers for days and my head is more than a little fuzzy. I'm just going to shoot out some unconnected nonsense your way, and you can just gather up whatever you want to take away from it.

I saw my friend Michael from high school. I haven't seen him in 10 years, and it was lovely to get reacquainted. It was nice to catch up, but mostly, it reaffirmed to me that I have really just always had this exact same personally. I've grown and matured, but I'm still the same old girl. I find this comforting.

Karaoke is being moved from Saturday to Thursday. Awesome. I am officially reclaiming my weekend. Sweet. Any ideas, though, for a fun pop culture game? I think I can choose between another game or karaoke...I'm thinking about it.

I'm going to see Titanic at Hickory Community Theatre tonight. They're going to sink a ship on stage. I'm excited about that. For some reason, though, that place has lost every single bit of it's magic for me. And people, I'm all about magic. So, I'm kind of sad about that.

I've hardly been working at all here lately...I used to get calls every day for schools, but for the last 3 weeks, nothing. They make teachers say a month ahead of time what school they'll miss, and there aren't any workshops, so not much need for teachers. Yesterday I actually worked. When I signed in, I noticed I was the only sub for the day. I mean, usually, there are 5 or 6, or even 10 on somedays. I wasn't in any condition to work yesterday, but with no calls for 3 weeks, I really felt the need to go in. The day went pretty well until recess. I know these kids pretty well...taught them all last year, and they're great. This one kid fell on the playground. He split his head right open, within 5 seconds of us walking in the playground gate. So I left my class with another teacher, and this kid and I start walking. He is screaming...high pitched, short little shouts...kind of like he was in labor, but much more shrill. "Heee Heee Heee Heee", and good Lord is he bleeding. As we're walking, huge drops of blood are trailing behind us...each drop is bigger than a quarter, and we're leaving these drops every 6 inches or so. So then we were back in the school, hurrying down the hall, leaving our pretty trail, when we hit a traffic jam-3 kindergarten classes. One down both sides of the hall, and one class lined up in the middle. They're all waiting for the bathroom and the water fountain, and they see the blood. And now, tears from the kinders. But, the sweet kid with the bloody head has started calming down. Now, he's sobbing, clinging to me as we speed down the hall. Finally, we make it to the nurse's office. Not there. In my years of teaching, this is what I've learned. When you need the nurse, she won't be there. It isn't ever her fault...and that kind of goes across the board, all the schools I've worked at. It's not just this one is all of them. They spread them too thin, and they're never there. But, the school secretary always is. FYI-the school secretary is the real boss. And I'd work for this one, Faye, any day. Very lovely lady. She took over at this point. I called the mom while she calmed the kid, someone else called custodians for our blood trail. After all the hysteria calmed down, the kid and I chatted while we waited for his parents. The blood let up some. He probably has stitches by now, but we had wonderful conversation. He wanted to know all about stitches, whether or not they hurt, if I was scared when I got mine...precious kid. And tough. He kept it together well.

I got to see my dad on Sunday. That was cool. He took fly fishing lessons in Boone, and I went up to have lunch with him. My dad and I have a lot in common and it is fun to see him.

I wish that my mom and my dad both lived in my town. My in-laws live here, and that is wonderful. I think it would be swell if by the time I had babies, the babies had 3 sets of grandparents around Hickory. But. . . that's still in the future.

I think that's enough of pain pill influenced Carmen for the day.

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Jenelle said...

Oh thank you for being proud of me! I'm proud of you too!